Three Types of Retirement Residences and How to Select the Right One for Your Parents


Having elderly parents often means making some hard choices for their welfare. You want as much continued independence and freedom for them as possible, but you also want to be sure their health and hygiene needs are met. There are three types of retirement residences in Canada, and here is how you can select the correct one for your parents. Multiplex Independent Living In this living arrangement, dozens of apartments exist within one building and absolutely no assistance is provided.

3 September 2015

How Home Health Care Helps You After Knee Replacement Surgery


If you're going to have knee replacement surgery, you should expect to have trouble getting around well enough to take care of yourself for several days after the procedure. While you'll be in the hospital a few days, once you've recovered from the actual surgery, you will be discharged to recover in a nursing facility or at home. If you don't have family to help you, hiring home health care will allow you to return home to your familiar surroundings to recuperate.

9 July 2015