Understanding The Importance Of Home Health Care

Hi there, I am Mona Polluza. I am here to talk about my experience with home healthcare. When I was pregnant with my second child, I suffered from severe fatigue and nausea that persisted after the first trimester. Sometimes, the symptoms were so bad that I couldn't leave my bed. My doctor ordered a home health care nurse to come help me on my worst days. The home health care aide helped me move around, eat meals and stay hydrated. The nurse even set up an IV to provide hydrating fluids during a particularly horrible bout of vomiting. I hope that my site will help others understand the value of these heath aides. I will also discuss all of the health conditions that warrant a home visit. Thank you.

How Home Health Care Helps You After Knee Replacement Surgery


If you're going to have knee replacement surgery, you should expect to have trouble getting around well enough to take care of yourself for several days after the procedure. While you'll be in the hospital a few days, once you've recovered from the actual surgery, you will be discharged to recover in a nursing facility or at home. If you don't have family to help you, hiring home health care will allow you to return home to your familiar surroundings to recuperate. Here's why a home health care service is beneficial.

Supervise Medications

You'll be in pain after your knee surgery, and you'll probably be sent home on pain medications to keep you comfortable. If the medications make you groggy, you may develop irregular sleeping patterns that interfere with taking other medications on schedule. If you need to take antibiotics or medications for a condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure, you need to take the drugs on time. A home health nurse or aide will make sure you take your medications on time. He or she can also supervise your medications to make sure you take the right dosage since you may have fuzzy thinking due to pain and narcotic medications.

Encourage Exercise

Your doctor or physical therapist will teach you rehabilitation exercises before you leave the hospital. You may have to go to a physical therapy clinic periodically for treatments, but you'll also be expected to exercise every day at home, even if you're in pain. If you are at home alone, you may become lax because of pain and grogginess. If you don't keep up with your exercises, your recovery will be longer. A home health aid will encourage you to do exercises like you are instructed and will inform your physical therapist if you can't or won't do them. This helps prevent complications that slow recovery and reduce range of motion in your knee.

Assist With Daily Activities

Depending on your age, physical condition, and response to surgery, it may take you several days to safely stand on your own. While you may have a cane or walker to help, it is safer to do some activities with a person at your side. You may only need an aide to come in every morning to help you bathe and dress. On the other hand, you may need someone around all day to assist you when you need to go to the bathroom or fix meals.

Watch For Medical Complications

Another good reason to hire a home health care service, even if the aide just comes in once a day, is to monitor your overall condition. If you develop a fever and infection after surgery, you may feel lethargic and not realize how sick you are. A nurse or aide will examine your incision to make sure it heals properly and keep an eye on things like your nutrition and how well you're sleeping to make sure you are recovering like you should.

You are in complete control when you hire a home health care service. You may only need help for the first few days, or you may need more help for a longer period of time. You may just want occasional help when your spouse needs a break or you might want someone to stay with you around the clock. No matter what you need, home health care can provide it and help keep you out of the hospital or nursing home.

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9 July 2015